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We provide vehicle tracking system for workforce fleets monitoring and private vehicle owners throughout Myanmar for all industries. We have more than 40 clients, 500+ Trackers and 400+ fuel sensors are using by our gtrack system. Our devices work globally for our clients who range from small business to large corporate. Customers can monitor and manage their vehicles and using computers, laptops, tablets or smart phones by anywhere around the world. If you are in a position where you need to track your vehicle or even protect it against theft and as a business or an individual that we can save you in areas of productivity and fuel cost.

Who We Are

We have 5 years experience in GPS Tracking service and solutions provides around Myanmar.

We have 10+ skill workers and management team to practical consult to fit with client requirements and needs, not only that we have solution for enterprise level fleet management system with branding.

And we specialize in fuel monitoring and tthe first and top provider of FUEL MONITOING in Myanmar. We have more than 400 fuel sensors is currently using in gtrack system and the benefit from fuel daily basic.

Our History